How can we help you sell your home?

Exclusive representation

In order to offer you a personalized service and the best quality we have removed the figure of the mediator.

Today our agents are either specialized in buyers or sellers, therefore what we get is a very exclusive representation service, through which your agent solely and exclusively defends your interests as a customer.

  • An exclusive agent
  • We do not mediate
  • Your interests are our interests

The interests of our clients
are above our own interests

Comparative Market Analysis ACM

When we try to put a right price on a property, we can not fail. That's why our agents know all the properties that are for sale and those that have been sold in your area in recent months.

In this way we carry out an exhaustive market study by placing at your disposal all the information that we have so that you can sell your house at the best price.

Market study
Maximum price for your house
You choose the price

We bring value to your home

That all the buyers know the existence of your property is a fundamental aspect if we try to sell in less time and at the best price. And it is not only important that they see it, but that it catches the attention and that they perceive it as a really attractive house.

For this we prepare the homes for sale (home staging), we use professional photographic material to obtain the best photographs and we make an HD video of the property among many other marketing actions that will depend on the type of property and its target market.

We also place it in different media so that all buyers can see it.

  • We increase the perceived value of your property.
  • We reach all buyers.
  • We make your home clear of the competition.

The visits

The views are the first contact of the possible buyer to your future home and a good first impression is a key piece in the sale. Recommendations on how to prepare yourself and your house for the visits can be found in the guide for sellers that we will deliver.

  • Techniques for visits.
  • All the details count.

We do not work alone

Collaboration and MLS

One of the advantages of working with us is the multiple collaboration we have between the other agencies of Elda and Petrer. Your house will not only be worked by agents of our office, but so will the agents of 6 offices more between Elda and Petrer. Among all we will try to find a buyer for your property.

85% more sales possibilities
Multiple collaboration

Buyers and closing

Many of the buyers when they decide on a property find themselves with enormous difficulties in terms of financing, usually the main reason for breaking an agreement between individuals, so we get unique mortgage conditions and get loans for a Greater number of people. The goal is not to escape the sale.

Exclusive financing conditions
We expedite the procedures in 75%

Tracking our customers

It is very important for us to be aware of each step we take and its results. We will take care of the whole sale so that you do not have to worry about anything, but being knowledgeable at all times of the state of the sale, the actions we perform and their results, visits and opinions of customers, etc. For this we will agree with you a specific communication plan.

  • Frequent contact.
  • Detailed information.

Documentary procedures

Forget about the documentary process, we take care of everything, including calculating all the expenses derived from the purchase and sale so that you do not catch us by surprise for some last minute oversight.

  • Legal and tax advice.
  • Specialist lawyers.

We Are Realtors

We belong to the only body in Spain based on an ethical code that regulates the behavior of its agents in defense of inappropriate behaviors. In this way we guarantee our customers a service of an excellent quality.

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